Cultural Travel Opportunities

In order to fulfill our mission of promoting cultural learning, and to assist in the preservation of indigenous ethnic cultures imperiled by rapid assimilation into the larger Chinese society, we provide opportunities for students, educators and faculty members, social scientists and other groups to visit these unique peoples. We believe that this type of educational and cultural exchange helps to foster within these endangered communities, recognition of the value of preserving rapidly disappearing indigenous arts, traditions and knowledge. En route to our starting point in Kunming or Chengdu, we are able to arrange visits to other commonly visited centers of tourist interest in China such as, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Suzhou, and Guilin, to which we have led many student and faculty groups, although our primary area of interest lies in the ethnic minority areas of Yunnan and Kham.We are not, however, a travel agency, and only facilitate organized group explorations to visit these unique peoples and destinations with expertise in these unique cultures and areas.Sample ItinerariesIf coming from abroad, entry points into China are usually Beijing, Shanghai or Kunming (our home base).