Wuding Miao Traditional Chinese Medicine Training

This project was initiated in April of 2006. Situated in Wuding County, approximately 40 kilometers from Kunming. After surveying several sites in the area accompanied by local health and education bureau officials, we reached the village of Mampo, where we discovered that the Miao (Hmong) villagers’ avenue of first resort for medical treatment was a local Miao traditional medical practitioner. Upon further questioning, it became apparent that there was a loosely knit network of such Miao doctors spread out throughout Wuding, Luquan and surrounding counties.In conjunction with a Spanish NGO, Andeni, the National Association for Defense of the Child, and their representative Pedro Ceinos, we arranged over three visits to meet the leading Miao medical doctor, Long Weifu, who had also studied Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wuding, and organized a three day workshop for training and networking among the Miao doctors in the area, improving rural health care at the grass roots level and helping to preserve this unique form of indigenous medical knowledge. We hope to expand this project in the future, perhaps among the larger Miao communities in villages surrounding Kaili, a major Miao (Hmong) center in neighboring Guizhou Province.